No matter how much information you put out there, some questions will always remain. We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us please check the below list of most frequently asked questions. This will give us more time to answer specifics and it saves you time waiting for our reply.

How many confirmations do you need to accept transactions?
Only one confirmation is needed.
What is mixing service?
Mixing service - is a service which help you staying anonymous using cryptocurrencies. It breaks the connection between your old wallet and new one.
How does it works?
We have already prepared pre-mixed bitcoins (or other coins) for you. All you need to do is fill the form and send required amount of coins to our address. The mixed coins will be then sent back to you automatically.
What logs are kept?
Absolutely no logs or personality identifying information are kept regarding your use of phenixmizer.com service.
Is your service accessible via Tor?
You can access our service via it's clearnet domain, but we recommend using the following Tor URL instead:
How can I contact you?
Use email. The contact information is on the bottom of this page.